Everybody who has to drive on a more or less regular basis knows exactly the annoying situation when it is already freezing cold outside and even getting out a parking lot or driveway seems to be impossible as the mirror that was supposed to be of help is frozen up, too. So far, there was the opportunity of buying expensive mirrors that can be heated but also need connections for power supplies. And even when temperatures are not that low and there is high humidity, a similar issue applies as the mirrors will fog up.

That is the reason why SpiegelLux uses its patent on a gel-technology that grants free sight, not matter frost nor fog. No complicated or expensive accessories are needed as cushions filled with a special gel together with special foams are being put in hollow areas to keep the outer temperature steady. Thus, freezing or fogging up is made impossible.

Guaranteed for temperatures down to -20°C or below!

Due to the special technology, mirrors of SpiegelLux can be found everywhere on every street or even private driveways as the produce the highest quality reflections in every weather condition.

We are proud to be part of the safety of the people in traffic and on the road!